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You wish to rely on a true partner: ClinReal Online assists you all the way.

For your clinical studies

ClinReal Online elaborates a whole range of “made to order” services in Clinical Research intended to accompany the industrialist throughout the development of his product:
- In the analysis of the interface of the marketing allegations compared to the product formulation, to the prescriber’s or user’s expectations.
- In the elaboration of specific “made to order” protocols to identify the relevance of an active ingredient or to evaluate the performances of the finished product.
- In research, the coordination and management of the partnership with high-tech research teams, or other specialized service providers.
- In the organization of the means allowing to constitute the safety file of the product.
- In various services of audit, advice, formation, communication.

The essence of the intervention of ClinReal Online services lies at the level of the observational studies for which it is imperative to ensure the best understanding of the expressed need and to offer the best given service. That requires having both a clinical and marketing approach. You want to optimize the quality of your studies? In a strategy of complementarity, ClinReal Online offers you a concrete and innovating solution to optimize the quality of your clinical tests while answering at the same time the legal aspects but also the adequate positioning of your product.

Discover the Observational Consumer Test (OCT) under medical supervision.

In the handling of Cosmetovigilance

ClinReal Online offers its services in Cosmetovigilance, to warrant what is in stake for the firm in:

- the Conformity to the French or European current regulation
- the industrial Responsibility and traceability
- the Cooling off of the customer’s litigated claims
- Winning back the customer’s Satisfaction
- Optimization of the products’ quality
- the firm image and notoriety

Do you want to overcome the incident management in France, Europe or in the International market?

ClinReal Online provides an efficient and concrete solution to optimize your Cosmetovigilance management.
Discover QCMvigilance®

The Observational Consumer Test (OCT)


ClinReal Online provides an efficient and concrete solution to optimize your Cosmetovigilance management.
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