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This page sets out the legal regulations that apply to every Internet-user visiting this Site. In consulting this Site you undertake to comply with these regulations without reservation. We advise you to consult these regulations on a regular basis, as they may be modified from time to time and without notice.

General information

The clinrealonline.fr Site (as identified through this document "the Site") is the property of ClinReal Online SARL with share capital of 40 000 € registered with the Trade and Companies Registry of Toulouse, SIRET 482 264 231 00028, whose head office is located :
66 avenue de l’URSS - 31400 TOULOUSE (France)
tel : +(33) 5 61 63 27 37 - fax : +(33) 5 61 55 26 50

Copyright ©2013 CLINREAL ONLINE

Publishing Director for the Site: Bernard CHADOUTAUD

Users of the Site can contact the Webmaster by e-mail at contact@clinreal.fr

The Site has been designed by LINAGORA, whose head office is located : 80 rue Roque de Fillol - 92800 PUTEAUX

The provider responsible for the storage and maintenance: LINAGORA
Toulouse agency,

The Site is a portal site accessing other sites which may or may not belong to ClinReal Online, likely to have their own legal information, which should be consulted and respected.

The user of the Site acknowledges that he or she possesses the competence and resources necessary to access and use this Site.

The user of the Site acknowledges having verified that the data processing configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is in perfect operating order.
The user also acknowledges having read the present legal information which he or she intends to respect.

Availability and accessibility of the Site

It must be acknowledged that (i) it is technically impossible to ensure that the Site will be provided free of faults and that ClinReal Online cannot take any responsibility for this, (ii) that faults may lead to the temporary unavailability of the Site, and that (iii) the operation of the Site may be adversely affected by events and/or material outside ClinReal Online’s control, such as, for example, transmission and telecommunication links between you and Aliasource and between Aliasource and other networks.

ClinReal Online and/or its suppliers may, at any time, temporarily or permanently modify or interrupt, all or part of the Site in order to perform maintenance work and/or make improvements and/or changes to the Site.
ClinReal Online is not liable for any modification to or suspension of or interruption to the Site.

ClinReal Online may not be held responsible for direct or indirect damage resulting from accessing or using the Site, including inaccessibility, data loss, deterioration, destruction or viruses which may effect the users’ data processing systems, and/or the presence of viruses on her Site.
The user declares that the cost of access and navigation on the Site is at his or her sole charge.

In the event of the user accessing the Site from a State other than France, he or she undertakes to respect that State’s legislation.

Information contained in the Site

Information supplied on the Site is only for informative purposes. ClinReal Online is not able to guarantee the exact, complete or up to date nature of information distributed on the Site.
This information is:

    • of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity;
    • not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
    • sometimes linked to external sites over which ClinReal Online have no control and for which ClinReal Online assumes no responsibility;
    • not professional or legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional).

      ClinReal Online does everything possible to offer users information and flashes or tools that are available and verified, but may not be held responsible for errors or omissions or the non availability of information and services.

      Consequently, the user accepts that he or she uses this information under his or her sole responsibility.

Nominative information and other information

ClinReal Online will not disclose to any third party personal information concerning you that you may send to it via electronic mail and/or via the form to receive the news letter. This information will be used for the sole purpose of replying to you in the most efficient way possible.
In accordance with the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6 January 1978, you have a right to access, modify, rectify and remove any personal data concerning you.

You may do this simply by sending a request:

Online at : contact@clinreal.eu

By post to : ClinReal Online 66 avenue de l’URSS 31400 Toulouse

The Site is not designed to receive any confidential information which you may submit. As a result, and with the exception of the personal data outlined above, any information, in any form whatsoever (document, data, graphics, questions, suggestions, designs, comments or other) which you have sent to the Site will in no way be considered as confidential.
As a result of this, the simple fact of your transmitting this data to us grants us the right to use, reproduce, circulate or modify this data, or to use it for the purposes of processing your request.


The user is informed that during his or hers visits to the Site, a cookie may automatically appear on his or her browsing software.
A cookie is a block of data which prevents identification of the user but serves in recording data relating to his or her browsing on the Site. Cookies are used to conduct frequentation surveys, audience ratings... to improve the quality of the Site. Configuring the browsing software makes it possible to be informed of the presence of a cookie and even to refuse it, via the following actions:

  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 :
    • Select the "tools" menu and then click "Internet options".
    • Click the button "Confidentiality"
    • Select the desired level of security with the slider.
  • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 :
    • Select the "tools" menu and then click "Internet options".
    • Select the "security" tab then click the button labelled "custom level"
    • Then click the button labelled "custom level"
    • Scroll down to "cookies" and select the desired level of security from the presented options
  • For Netscape Navigator :
    • Click on the menu bar "Edition", then on "Preferences"
    • Highlight "advanced"
    • Choose your option
  • For Firefox :
    • Select the "tools" menu and then on "Options"
    • Click "Privacy & Security"
    • Choose your option Click one of the radio buttons
  • For Opera 6.0 and ... :
    • Click on the menu bar "File", then Scroll down to the option entitled “Preferences”.
    • "Privacy"
    • Choose your option

      The user has a right to access, rectify or delete the personal data communicated by the cookie under the conditions indicated above.
      The non-transferable information concerning the user is destined for ClinReal Online.
      Users may oppose this communication of information by writing to the address given in article Nominative information and other information.

Respecting the law

ClinReal Online informs users of the Site that all laws and regulations in effect are applicable to Internet.
The users of the Site must in particular respect the clauses of the law of January 6th 1978 concerning data processing, files and freedom, the violation of which is liable to penal sanctions.
They must also abstain, in the case of personal data to which they have access, from all collection, diverting usage, and in general, from any act likely to interfere with the private life or reputation of any person.
All the information or documents contained in the Site, as well as all the elements created for the Site are either the property of ClinReal Online or fall within the scope of a right concerning their utilisation or reproduction. These elements are subject to laws protecting royalties. Consequently, no licence, nor any other right except that of consulting the information is granted to anyone with regard to intellectual property rights.
Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, transmission, misrepresentation, whether total or partial, of the Site or its content, and via whatever type of medium, is forbidden.

French law stipulates that any unauthorized commercial use of the Site or its contents, or of information disclosed via the Site will engage the responsibility of the user and constitute counterfeiting which can be sanctioned under articles L 335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Any total or partial reproduction or representation of these brand or logo, separately or integrated with other elements, without the express prior authorization of ClinReal Online is forbidden, and will engage the responsibility of the user under articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Copyright ©2013 CLINREAL ONLINE

The user undertakes, under penalty of his or her civil and / or penal responsibility being engaged, to not use the Site for:

    • Transmitting by any process what so ever (e-mail or other), any part of the content including programmes, codes, viruses... destined to destroy or limit the functions of the Site,
    • Transmitting, by any process what so ever (e-mail or other), any content violating intellectual and industrial property laws or personality rights.

      In the event that a user wishes to use part of the content of the site (text, image...), he or she undertakes to request the prior written authorization of ClinReal Online, by writing to or sending an e-mail to the Webmaster or Publishing Director of the Site, refer to article General information.

Hypertext links

ClinReal Online will not be held liable with regard to any third-party site to which access may be gained via the Site.
We are unable to control the content of these third-party sites which remain totally independent of ClinReal Online. In addition, the existence of a link between the Site and any third-party site in no way implies that ClinReal Online approves the content of this third-party site, or, moreover, any use to which such content may be put.

Consequently, ClinReal Online may not under any circumstances be held responsible for the content of sites accessed in this manner, or for the possible collection and transmission of personal data, the installation of cookies or any other similar processes carried out by these sites.
Furthermore, it is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to avoid being infected by "viruses", "Trojan horses" or any other "parasites" from the Site.
External sites may contain hyperlinks to the Site. Any such hyperlink shall not be installed without ClinReal Online’s express prior consent.
Any request for this purpose must be addressed to the Publishing Director of the Site.

In any case, ClinReal Online is in no way responsible for the unavailability of such external sites and ClinReal Online does not review, monitor, approve, nor is it responsible for any content, advertising, products or other material available on or accessible via these sites.

Modification of the legal notice

ClinReal Online retains the right to modify the present notice at any time. The user therefore undertakes to consult it regularly.

Law applicable in the event of litigation

The law applicable to the Site is the French law.
In the event of a legal dispute, the French version shall prevail.

Attributing a jurisdiction

All litigation comes under the jurisdiction of the competent courts of the Appeal Court of Toulouse (France).

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