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J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. 2017 June

A skincare combined with fixed adapalene and benzoyl peroxide combination provides a significant adjunctive efficacy and local tolerance benefit in adult women with mild acne.

Authors : Bouloc A(1), Roo E(2), Imko-Walczuk B(3), Moga A(4), Chadoutaud B(5), Dréno B(6).

Affiliations : (1)Vichy Laboratoires, Asnières sur Seine, France, (2) Department of Dermatology, Hospital Sur, Madrid, Spain, (3)Dermatology Clinic Copernicus- Podmiot Leczniczy , Gdansk, Poland, (4)Synelvia SAS,Labège, France, (5)Clinreal Online, Toulouse, France, (6)Department of Dermato-cancerology, Hôtel Dieu, Place Alexis Ricordeau, Nantes, France


Acne in adult women is an increasing reason for dermatological consultations.


The aim of this study was to assess in adult women with mild acne the efficacy and tolerance of a daily adjunctive application of a skincare (Normaderm® , Laboratoires Vichy, France) to a fixed combination of adapalene/benzoyl peroxide daily or every other evening and a standard emollient.


Subjects were randomised to receive the fixed combination applied either every evening or every other evening and a daily application of the standard emollient and the test care or a once daily application of the fixed combination and the standard emollient alone. Clinical evaluations at Day 0, Day 45 and Day 90 included the count of acne lesions, assessment of clinical improvement and local tolerance. The quantitative lipid profile of the stratum corneum of the forehead was also determined.


After 90 days of application, acne had improved in all 299 subjects with a statistically significant difference in favour of the test care regimens (p<0.05). Moreover, skin quality, subject satisfaction, skin discomfort and sebum composition were in favour of these regimens.


In conclusion, the tested skincare combined with a fixed adapalene and benzoyl peroxide combination provides a significant adjunctive efficacy and local tolerance benefit in adult women with mild acne.


Diaper dermatitis management : A global and innovative strategy for a new generation of skin care.

Authors : G. Bellemere (1), C. Baudouin (1), J. Rocheteau, B. Chadoutaud (2), E. Boy (2), S. Leclere-Bienfait, S. Bredif, C. De Belilovsky.

(1) Laboratoires Expanscience France (2) Clinreal Online, Toulouse, France


- Diaper rash affects up to 35% of infants with a peak around 10–12 months. Our research program on infant skin, focused on the epidermis, provided some evidences : barrier function is developing, inflammation signals are present and cellular resource needs to be preserved. The main causes of diaper rash are : altered barrier function and inflammation. We developed a new product containing zinc oxide associated with three patented natural active ingredients with anti-irritant, anti-enzymatic and repairing activities.

Two clinical trials (preventive/curative) were conducted on 60 and 62 infants during 30 days. In the preventive study, the number of diaper rashes was reduced by 88%. During the curative trial, erythema intensity and surface were decreased by 82% after D1. A total response was observed in 54% of children after D3.

The irritant action of urine on a 1 year-aged reconstructed epidermis was modeled and evaluated in vitro. The product was able to restore barrier markers, to preserve stem cells markers and to clearly modulate inflammatory mediators by 36% (IL1a, IL8), 82% (PGE2) and 70% (TRPV1, TACR1). The product enabled the tissue recovery even after urine treatment with a viability of 97%.

The new formulation provides a global strategy for the management of diaper rash. By its specific composition, it exhibits a good barrier protection and repair and potent anti-inflammatory properties in vitro that are correlated with clinical results. Indeed, the product prevents apparition of diaper rash, soothes pain and redness from the first application and offers a lasting repair.

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